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At CN Sports, we're constantly refreshing our inventory to offer you the latest and greatest in firearms. Our selection includes a variety of American-made AR's, along with unique and exciting options. Whether you're looking for dependable classics or seeking something truly distinctive, you'll find it in our regularly updated lineup. Stay tuned to discover what's new and ready to enhance your collection.


At CN Sports, our used inventory is a treasure trove of firearms history and value. We frequently acquire Police Department trade-ins and other unique firearms, ensuring that you have access to a diverse range of options. Our used inventory changes regularly, offering you the opportunity to find hidden gems and reliable, pre-owned firearms. Explore our ever-evolving selection and discover the perfect addition to your collection.

About Us

CN Sports currently does all sales through Gunbroker. Please see links below to our Gunbroker page for our current inventory. We specialize in affordable American made AR’s. Our used inventory will vary depending on the week and we often get Police Department trade ins and other unique firearms. We are a Top 1000 Seller on Gunbroker with over 400 reviews!

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